Christmas decoration

Let the magic of Christmas fill your home

Christmas makes you happy! Sparkling trees with colourful baubles, the magic of lights, nostalgic feelings, Christmas traditions, decorations throughout the house and spending time with your loved ones. These all create more energy and a happier feeling. Time to decorate your home with all kinds of beautiful Christmas decorations.


Christmas begins at the front door

Before you step into the magical world of Christmas, it starts at the front door. Put up a Christmas wreath or Christmas star. This will already create a warm welcome and a cosy atmosphere. Want to make it even more personal? Write Christmas wishes or sayings on your Christmas star and make your guests feel extra special.

Christmas stars


Christmas in the hallway

After the front door, continue the Christmas magic in the hallway. Hang Christmas baubles on hooks in the hallway or attach them to the stair rails. Don't have a staircase in the hallway? Decorate a Christmas bowl. Place a few baubles and pine branches on a bowl with lights or candles in between. Place these on a cabinet in the hallway for a cosy Christmas atmosphere.

Decorations for the Christmas tree

Time to put up the Christmas tree and bring out the Christmas ornaments. It is always a wonderful feeling to rediscover your beloved old Christmas ornaments and the annual tradition of buying brand new ones. A combination of old and new Christmas decorations give your home a unique and personal atmosphere. Have you seen our glass baubles yet? The unique shapes and cheerful colours will make your Christmas tree extra special.

Christmas Ornaments

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