3 tips: Find your perfect sports outfit

Is it difficult for you to drag yourself off the couch after a long day of work, to go to the gym? A new outfit will give you the boost of motivation you’re longing for. But of course, an outfit that matches your workout and your needs is a must. We give you tips for the sports outfit of your dreams.

01 What kind of sport do you practice?

Do you sweat intensively? For example, a yoga class - of course depending on the type of yoga - is generally a more ‘relaxed’ sport, where you sweat less. For those type of sports, long leggings are ideal. The more you sweat, the more important an airy sports outfit is. A better option would be to go for shorts and a sports bra.


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02 A striking print or a solid color?

Of course, this is also an important factor. You want to feel your best in your outfit. Do you love to be in the center of attention? And do you also love to wear something striking in everyday life? If you're leaning towards a calmer print, the Casa Dei Fiori collection is an ideal fit. However, if you prefer something livelier, our Señorita Pip collection is perfect for you!

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03 What material is our sportswear made of?

Not unimportant, because you want to feel free and mobile during your workout. Especially if you practice a lot of yoga. Therefore, always look carefully at the material. Does it have a lot of stretch? Our sportswear contains 28% elastane, which allows you to move freely during your workout. In addition, cotton is a great fabric for a workout, because it is airy and breathes well. Modal in our sportswear provides a soft feel and makes it more durable, as the fabric is known for being strong and long-lasting. Did you know that modal absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton? It is therefore the perfect fabric to keep you fresh. Perfect for a stress-free workout.


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