Kimono styling tips

How to style a kimono?

A timeless fashion item, the kimono remains a popular fashion choice. It is an item that transforms any look into something completely new. You can wear it all year round and in many different ways. How do you style your (new) kimono?

Combine a kimono with solid garments

Long, short, blue, pink, green or floral. Kimonos come in all colours and shapes and are therefore perfect statement pieces to combine with solid garments. For example, a pair of jeans and a white top go very well with a coloured kimono.

Mix & match

A night out

A kimono can add a dashing look to your outfit for a night out. Wear it over a dress, an elegant jumpsuit or with a nice pair of trousers and top. Want more of a fitted look? Wear a long kimono as a dress. With a shorter model, you can wear it as a top. Tie your kimono in the waist with the matching belt.


Combine your kimono in summer with shorts, a plain top and a pair of sandals or boots. This will create a bohemian look you can wear to the beach or a festival. In addition, the kimono is also perfect during your holiday for over your swimming costume or bikini. Add a hat and beach bag and you are ready for a stylish beach day.


Wearing a kimono in winter provides extra warmth and comfort. Wear stylish layers by combining the kimono with a thick jumper or thermal shirt. In addition, it is great for a cosy and relaxing evening at home. Combine the kimono with lounge trousers or comfortable leggings and relax.



Mix & match patterns and textures

Pip Studio's kimonos are great for mix & match. The kimonos often feature a print on the sleeve that is also used in the Pip Studio t-shirts and trousers. This gives you a nice whole and your kimono still remains the keypiece of your outfit.