Sunday feeling:

how to enjoy the Sunday feeling at home every day.

Sunday is quite special. With a sense of quietness that no other day has. Whether it's the day itself, the idea that you don't have to do anything for a while or the atmosphere around the house: we love it. But what if we tell you that you can also enjoy that special Sunday feeling on Monday? And on every other day of the week?

Create an oasis of peace in your living room

The space where you spend most of your time. Ideally, you want your living room to always give you a feeling of peace. But beyond that, it should be a space where you can celebrate, retreat, laugh and cry. Provide a calm, minimalistic base that you can brighten up with colour, so that the space doesn't get boring. You can do this with an eye-catching rug, colourful vases with flowers, decorative cushions, or other home accessories. This way you mix the cheerfulness and the calm of Sunday.

Add an eye-catcher to your interior


Crisp sheets in the bedroom

There's nothing like waking up under soft, yet crisp bedding. Especially on Sundays, we spend a little longer dreaming under the sheets - without embarrassment. Quality is everything when it comes to your bedding. It contributes to that relaxed feeling, which you can experience so wonderfully on Sunday. You wake up more rested – which naturally makes you more excited for your day. Even if it’s Monday.


Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea, wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe and enjoy your Sunday moment. After all, what could be nicer than wrapping yourself in a soft and comfortable bathrobe after a hot shower? The bathrobes are made of 100% cotton, making them feel like a lovely blanket. In other words, an indispensable item in your closet!

Which bathrobe will you choose?


A soft plaid on your bed

Do you also enjoy those relaxing evenings under a warm blanket, with a cup of tea and a good book within reach? Besides the fact that a plaid is very nice to stay warm under, it is also a perfect accessory for your bed. So it might as well stand out a bit. Go for a beautiful colour or a lively print. Your bedroom is the perfect place for Sunday feeling.