Tips for sustainable washing

What you didn't know already

In an average household, the washing machine runs about 2.9 times a week. A handy household tool? Absolutely, but a washing machine takes up a lot of water, energy and causes your clothes to fade faster. We give you a crash course in sustainable washing: good for your clothes ánd the planet.

The tips are general, always read the washing instructions in the label for each item.

Freshen up

Quick win: wear more often, wash less. Washing after a single use is often more a habit than really necessary. Many garments just need some fresh air. Could your clothes use a refresh? Then you can choose to treat your garment with a hand-held steamer. Your garment will remain beautiful for longer and it is better for the environment. Or hang your garment in the shower, the steam will remove the creases in a natural way.

Stains: clean immediately

Stains in your clothes: it happens to all of us. A simple hack? Treat the stain immediately. In almost all cases you can do with just some water. The longer a stain is in textile, the more difficult the stain is to get out. This way you avoid having to use stain spray (in most cases not good for your clothes and the environment).

Smart washing: a lower temperature

Washing machines and detergents have been developed to clean at a lower temperature than in the past. Heat uses more energy and can break down textile fibres. With a cooler setting you can enjoy your clothes, bed linen or towels for longer. Hot water is only needed for real stains, the rest of our clothes are already fresh from a 30-degree turn.

Drying your clothes

Dry your clothes by hanging as much as possible. The dryer consumes a lot of energy. The following applies here as well: it’s better for your clothing, the environment and your energy bill. An additional advantage: you no longer have to iron most clothes after hang drying. Knitted clothes can be dried lying down. Do you use a dryer? Then take out the laundry immediately; this way you avoid creasing.


Sun's out, shirts out

Did you know that the sun acts as a natural bleaching agent? Ideal for light clothing! Completely free and sustainable too. Let your clothes sunbathe and enjoy your radiant, white clothes.