Cinnamon roll French toast

In collaboration with @lislovescooking

Easter brunch: whether you are a breakfast fan or lunch-lover, with these delicious Cinnamon roll French toast from @lislovecooking, you are guaranteed to steal the show on the Easter table. A combination of two delicious (Easter) dishes - classic French toast and creamy cinnamon rolls.

Preparation time: 10 minutes | 15 minutes baking


Ingredients for 6 French toasts:

6 (gluten-free/sourdough) slices of bread

1 egg

100 ml (almond) milk

2 tbsp brown/coconut blossom sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch of salt 


3 tbsp icing sugar

1 tsp (almond) milk

Or maple syrup


Fresh fruit 

This is how you make it

Start by cutting 6 slices of bread.

Crack the egg into a deep dish and whisk well together with the remaining ingredients.

Heat a frying pan with a knob of butter over medium-high heat.

Dip a slice of bread into the batter and leave to soak for a while.

Fry your French toast in the pan until it turns a nice golden brown, turning frequently to prevent it from burning.

Make the glaze by mixing the icing sugar with the milk.

Serve with the glaze, fresh fruit and nuts.

Bon appetit!