Relaxing bedroom

Sweet dreams: The secret to a relaxing bedroom

Did you know that your bedroom has a huge impact on your sleep? The night spent under crisp sheets with beautiful designs provide you the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Give your imagination some space and let the bedroom of your dreams come to life, so you can start your day fully rested and with a lot of fresh energy. 


Sheets made of natural materials

Our duvet covers are not only a feast for the eyes because of the special designs, thanks to the 100% Percal cotton - a finely woven cotton of high quality - they are also wonderfully soft and breathable. Just the way we like to see our sheets. Under which print do you prefer to close your eyes?

Duvet covers

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The warmth of a carpet

There is nothing better than a warm and soft rug under your feet when you get out of bed. In addition, your bedroom without a carpet can quickly look restless, whereas with a carpet you create a warmer, more relaxed feeling. Pip's handmade rugs bring every room together. Thanks to the large collection of prints, colours and designs, there is a match for everyone.


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Create a nice atmosphere with accessories

Dot the i's and cross the t's in your bedroom by using cheerful accessories. You immediately give your bedroom more atmosphere thanks to a few colourful candles, a statement vase with flowers and by placing decorative pillows on your bed. Trust us when we say that small details can make a huge difference.

Home decor

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Stay warm with a plaid

Are you a real cold-blooded person? Then a plaid is perfect for you! If you think it's too warm to put it on the bed, you can also use your plaid for a picnic or as a blanket on the couch. Our plaids can be washed up to 60 degrees, so they are not only attractive and cosy - they are also very multifunctional.

Plaids & Quilts

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