easter table styling

Easter table styling

Making your Easter table setting a piece of (easter) cake

Easter is the perfect time to show off your beautiful table setting. Are you already preparing - and should new porcelain not be missing on the Easter table? With us you will find tableware in spring colours like Jolie green, La Majorelle yellow or Flower Festival blue. Set your table from big to small and finish it off with candles and a pretty bouquet of flowers. Take a light colour as a base for your textiles and bring your table into the Easter mood with cheerful coloured tableware.

Set the perfect Easter table

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From big to small

How your table setting becomes a piece of cake? Choose which collection you want to celebrate Easter with this year such as La Majorelle yellow. Especially for Easter, there are heart-shaped plates with bunnies.

When setting your table, start with the bottom plate and stack the plates from big to small. Complete your table with a luxurious etagere, cake stand and other essential porcelain items. This will transform your dining table into a cosy festive Easter nook in no time.

Set your Easter table with our Easter tableware

La Majorelle

Glass details

Are you ready for the next step? Then enrich the setting of your Easter table with decorative glasses. Are you going for gold? Or are you looking for fresh colours like pink and blue? A water pitcher will complete your setting. Tip: to make your table setting even more colourful, add some fruits to your water pitcher. Choose raspberries, mint or lemon, for example. Delicious and pretty.


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easter table
easter table

Style your table with accessories

As the cherry on top of the Easter cake, style your Easter table with matching accessories. Like bunny card holders. Insert napkins or name plates for a personal touch. Make drinking tea during Easter extra special with the bunny-shaped tea infuser and matching mug. Finish it with a pretty silk flower Easter bouquet (and for next year) in a coloured vase.

Accessories especially for Easter

Fill your table with Easter items

Fold your napkin in the shape of an Easter bunny

Want to add that little bit extra? Fold the napkins in the shape of an Easter bunny. Here's how to do it:


Step 1: Fold the napkin completely open and roll it up diagonally..

Stap 2: Then tie both ends of the rolled napkin together. Tip: roll the rolled napkin around an egg and knot both ends together.

Stap 3: Pull the ends apart slightly to form the rabbit's ears. Your Easter bunny is ready!

Ready for Easter?

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