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Do you want to give your home a new look? With some small modifications, you can make a big difference. The cheerful living items from Pip Studio are easy to combine with different interior styles. Are you curious which 5 items will give your interior a new look? Then read on quickly!


Wallpaper with enchanging prints

Wallpaper gives your home a new atmosphere. Do you also like cheerful colours and do you like to be seduced by enchanting prints and designs? Then take a look at our world of wallpaper and give your favourite room a new look. Let's be honest, what could be more fun than brightening up your home with a colourful wallpaper from Pip Studio? Let yourself be taken in our unique collections and feel at home. Whatever wallpaper you choose, your interior will have a new & cheerful look.

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Vintage carpets

Are you ready for an house full of passion and love? Create a new interior with our Pip Studio carpets! Be inspired by exotic prints and cheerful colours and enjoy a new home. Create a vintage look and be seduced by an atmosphere that you have never felt before. Whether you are looking for a small or large carpet, Pip Studio offers a variety of sizes and types that will fulfill your wishes. 


Coloured vases

Complete your interior with our colourful vases and enjoy a space full of atmosphere! The exotic colours take you on a journey to a world full of adventure and challenges. Fill your favourite vase with a stunning bouquet and give your home a boost of colour. The golden details in combination with the unique colours will enrich your interior. Take a look at the range and let your home shine.



Candles & candle holders

What could be more fun than warming up your house with various candles and candle holders? Pip Studio takes you on an adventure to a world with colourful candles which will give your interior a warm look! Bring the warmth and cosiness back into your home and create a real eye-catcher in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Surround yourself in a world full of colour and passion and enjoy every second with the items from Pip Studio.

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Golden bowls & trays

The combination of exotic colours and golden details ensure a stunning result on the table. Enjoy an unique bowl or tray every day and combine it with your favourite items. Surround yourself in a world full of colour combinations and give your interior a new boost. Enrich your daily life with a luxury item and create an unique atmosphere that you have never felt before. It's time for a change!

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