Autumn make-over

How to bring autumn inside

A new season has arrived. Long, warm days in the sun are fading as we spend more time indoors. Do you want to add the cozy autumn atmosphere to your home? In this blog we provide you guidance to make your interior fall-proof.

Warm tones

It’s for a good reason we love to walk outside on bright autumn days. As soon as you step outside the door, warm, deep colour tones are everywhere. This rich palet of colours radiates warmth and tranquility. Add a touch of the outside to the inside by adding deep red, dark green or yellow ochre accents.


Soft, natural materials

For a cozy and rich atmosphere, add extra plaids and cuddly materials. Think chunky knits, washed linen or a soft sheepskin. Wooden materials also combine well with this.

Combine materials


Light and fragrance

A happy autumn is not complete without twinkling candles. For a warm effect with a wonderful scent, choose scented candles. Tones like cinnamon, orange, amber, autumn blossom and cedarwood are perfect for this season. Combine different shapes, sizes and colours for a playful effect.


Decorate your wall

Who says porcelain is only for eating? Some plates are too beautiful to hide a cupboard. For a unique and personal wall decoration, combine plates, bowls and trays on the wall. Depending on the season, you can vary with the colors and prints.


Mix & Match


Autumn decoration

Pinecones, nuts, berries, dried leaves and graceful branches: the most beautiful decorations can be found outside! Create a playful setting and give it a festive touch by wrapping lights around it.

Autumn musthaves for your interior

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