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How to style your carpet

The most important item for setting the mood in a room?

The most important item for setting the mood in a room? A carpet. It’s the finishing touch for any space. A rug provides atmosphere, warmth and works as a connecting factor in your interior. In this blog we provide you styling tips.

The ratio

Optically it is nice to choose a carpet that takes up about two-thirds of the sofa. You can choose to place the rug in the middle, but sliding it to the left or right can also work very well. There are different options for the location of the furniture.


Setup 1: Front legs on the rug

To create unity in the seating area, you can place the front legs of the sofa or chair on the rug. This way you connect the furniture with each other and ensure a good balance between the furniture comes. This is a suitable arrangement for most rooms.


Setup 2: The rug as an eye-catcher

If your carpet is already a real piece of art, you can also choose to leave the carpet free of furniture. This makes the rug the centerpiece of the room. In that case, choose a smaller size so that the seating area remains in proportion.


Setup 3: Carpet under the dining table

With a carpet under the dining table, you create a nice separation between the seating area and the dining room. But how do you choose the right carpet to create a beautiful effect in the dining area? The best result is when everything fits on it, table including chairs. A smaller carpet can give a busy effect. Do you have a very large dining table with up to six chairs? Then choose a bigger carpet, because it will make the table look even better.

A good tip in the search for your perfect carpet. Start at home with a tape measure to measure it out. Tape it off if necessary. That way you can see the effect. Do you have a smaller living room but still want the cosiness of a carpet under your dining table? Then choose a light colour and a smaller size so the carpet does not dominate the room.

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Mix & match

Who says you have to stick to only one rug? A frequently spotted trend is layering: combining several rugs. You can choose the same patterns, but you can also play with different designs. In that case, choose the same color tones to keep the balance.

You can also vary endlessly with a rug outside the seating area. For a beautiful entrance, place a carpet in the hall. And do you want to add extra comfort and coziness to the bedroom? Then put a rug at the end of the bed. Or have you ever thought of a rug under the dining table? Tip: make sure that the carpet is large enough: all legs of the chairs must fit on the carpet.

Move, try and see what makes you happy! Will you share your final result with us? We are curious! #pipstudiomoments