Lilac: the trend colour for your interior

Colour your interior with lilac

Lilac in the spotlight! The trend colour that symbolises fresh starts, romance and daydreaming. This fresh pastel colour brings creativity and cheerfulness. Perfect for your interior. Discover how to use and combine lilac as a colour in your interior.

What colour is lilac?

The trend colour lilac is a light shade of purple. Lilac is a combination of powerful red and soothing blue with lots of white added to create a bright pastel shade. This shade feels creamy and soft and has the good qualities of cool blue and warm red. It has a calming effect and brings cheerfulness.

What colours go with lilac?

Lilac is a very diverse colour and goes with many colours. We give you 3 options on how to combine this beautiful colour and what the effect will be:


1.     Lilac with other pastel shades: this creates a soft and inviting feel.

2.    Lilac with a pop colour like yellow or petrol: create a surprisingly vibrant summer atmosphere.

3.     Lilac with white or other light colours: put lilac in the spotlight in a bright room.

Lilac in the living room

Freshen up the living room with lilac home accessories. Let lilac splash off the wall with wallpaper. Brighten up your sofa with a few lilac-coloured cushions. Or colour the floor with the Moon Delight by Pip rug. Keep the rest of the interior neutral so the colour lilac really stands out.

Lilac in the bathroom

Add a cheerful touch to your bathroom with the lilac bathroom accessories from our gift collection. After all, the little details will turn your bathroom into a real dream spot.

Lilac in the bedroom

Unwind and dream away under the romantic lilac La Dolce Vita duvet cover. Choose white walls and light wood. This will create a fresh, light and colourful effect.

Mix & match

with our matching accessories for you and your interior