Make your garden cosy

For the most cosy summer evenings

We're spending more time outdoors now that the days are getting longer and the evenings warmer. Time to make your garden a haven for get-togethers and create an inviting outdoor space.

Summer dining in style

Yes! The days are getting longer and warmer. Time to dine outdoors. Be inspired by the colours of summer and create a stylish setting with beautiful tableware. Show off beautiful prints and bright colours. Make your table extra summer-proof with a cosy tablecloth and a vase with flowers. You will instantly feel like you are in a tropical paradise. Add a few pretty water glasses and you are ready for an evening of outdoor dining.


A comfortable spot

Create a nice spot where you can have an ice-cold drink with your feet up, read a good book and lounge all day. Give a few cushions and plaids a different function this season by placing some of them outside on the garden furniture. Also ideal for the evenings when you are still enjoying the evening sun and the summer air.

Create your own atmosphere

Accessories to make it your own

Atmospheric lighting

The sun is almost down, but you are sitting way too comfortable in the garden. Make it cosy with beautiful lighting to enjoy the warm summer evenings until late in the evening. Place lights in several places and play with heights. The ultimate mood creator? A lantern. Place a (LED) candle in it and enjoy your magical place.

Plants and flowers make you happy

Colourful flowers and healthy plants give both your garden and you a natural boost. 

They bring a lot of atmosphere and style. Choose native plants and flowers. They need less care to make them shine and you also increase biodiversity. This makes sitting in those cosy corners of your garden even more comfortable. Want to bring more green into your home another way?

Then read our blog ‘Green up your home’.


Decorate the walls

Don't forget to decorate your bare fence or wall too. Brighten up these bare walls with lights or hanging plants. Or hang a few eye-catchers on the wall such as decorative bowls and outdoor paintings. This will make your garden look stunning!