New wallpaper collection

Give your home new energy

Looking for a true eye-catcher? You'll find it in our brand-new wallpaper collection! Exotic landscapes, ton-sur-ton, different bird species, fairytale trees and sophisticated flowers: the new designs will turn your home into a unique space. Choose your new favourite and ... roll away!

Good Nightingale

From the beloved Good Nightingale design, there now is a beautiful wallpaper in six different colours. Are you a real bird lover? Then this botanical print is for you. It brings the outdoors into your home. In this cheerful design of branches and flowers are all kinds of unique birds, each with an imaginative feathering in rich colours. This colourful wallpaper will give you energy and a positive attitude all day long. Furthermore, it is enriched with subtle metallic effects which makes it a real eye-catcher.

Tokyo Blossom

The Tokyo Blossom wallpaper will take you to a romantic garden full of sweet-smelling flowers with an enchanting view. This design has a delicate print of small flowers and leaves that appear to be really embroidered. The colours are a mix of light and warm pastel shades. Plus, the background has a printed and shiny texture that makes this wallpaper look just like real silk.

Which colour has caught your eye?

Non-woven wallpaper

Chinese Porcelain

A wallpaper with an eye for detail and a poetic atmosphere is Chinese porcelain. This design is composed of small scenes in which porcelain vases play the leading role. The decorated vases are filled with decorative flowers and curling branches. The wallpaper also features cranes, white herons and fanatical peacocks.

Casa Di Fiori

Are you more into minimalism? Then the Casa di Fiori wallpaper is for you. This floral wallpaper has a tonal use of colour and a serene look. The design consists of large flowers and leaves hand-drawn in fine lines. It also makes use of light and dark shades to create contrast.  This allows you to go big with this wallpaper, while still retaining calmness. Especially if you use the colour in other parts of your interior.


Let your interior sparkle with the Origami design. This magical print consists of trees and birds with a fairytale feel. The matt background with metallic print gives the wallpaper a special and almost velvet look, which makes it unique. The refined details give the print extra layering.


Imagine yourself in Italy in a stately country house with the Saluti wallpaper. The design is inspired by the beautiful wallpaper motifs from Italy. With this wallpaper, you will have hours of viewing pleasure because of the elegant flowers with beautiful details. These are painted in tonal colours with an accent colour here and there. For a beautiful result in your interior, let the accent colour from the wallpaper recur in larger pieces of furniture.


Tips for wallpapering

1. Instead of the whole wall, a strip

Create panelling with wallpaper: wallpaper the lower part of the wall and paint the piece above it in a colour that matches it beautifully. Or go for one strip on the wall as a real eye-catcher.

2. Wall panel wallpapering: an interchangeable canvas
Do you like to change your interior regularly? Then this flexible option is for you: wallpaper a wall panel with your favourite prints. A wall panel can easily be changed and moved to another room.

3. Ceiling
Turn your ceiling into a stunning eye-catcher. By wallpapering the ceiling, you create a very surprising effect.

4. Mix&Match different wallpapers
You can choose to wallpaper with multiple colours as well as different prints. Go for shade on shade or two contrasting colours that are not too close together. Wallpaper the upper part of your wall and the lower part with a different colour of wallpaper. This way you create a kind of panelling.

5. Between the stairs
Got any wallpaper left over? Give your stairs a fun wallpaper print. Wallpaper really can go anywhere!

6. The smallest room
The smallest room is often forgotten. But who doesn't want a stylish toilet?