Setting up your home office

Tips for a productive and inspiring home office

We work from home more and more, which makes a nice home office a must. You spend a lot of time in there so make it your own place and make it feel good. We give you some tips to get you started.

01 What kind of atmosphere are you going for in your home office?

Decorate your home office according to how you work best and where you feel comfortable. Do you work best in a quiet place or do you get a lot of energy from colours and prints around you? Everyone works in their own way. Look for good mood creators that will make you happy and productive for your home office. What mood will you go for?


02 Instagrammable walls with wallpaper or tiles

Bring the Instagrammable wall into your home. With wallpaper or tiles, you can create the perfect statement wall at home that does well on your online calls, but also on your Instagram feed. Do you prefer a calm look? Choose neutral colours such as khaki or taupe. For colour lovers, colours like terra, natural green and blue are becoming more popular. Adding natural elements into the home is one of the home trends of 2023. With unique designs like botanical prints with colourful flowers and birds, you will bring the outdoors inside.

Which design fits your home?

Make a statement

03 Items both decorative and practical

Surround yourself with items you enjoy but that are practical at the same time. Lay down a warm carpet and put some candles by your desk. This makes it cosy and homely. Hang picture frames with what you have achieved, photos of your loved ones or beautiful prints. Use mugs as pen holders, bowls for small things like paperclips and a stool as an extra side table. Put down some plants. This is a nice decoration but also works as an air cleaner.

Style your home office

04 Which colour is the right one for your home office

The colour you choose is very personal and also depends on your work. Do you want more peace, balance and a relaxed feeling in your workplace? Go for green and blue. Place a few cushions in this colour on the sofa where you can relax between work. Need positivity and happiness? Choose yellow. Decorate the wall or accessories like a vase with a pretty bouquet. Prefer to keep it neutral? Go for a light colour like a light pink. You can use this colour in a stool, cushions or small vases.

Which colour scheme will you go for?

Complete it with home accessories