zijden bloemen

Styling tips for silk flowers

Put your interior in bloom

Silk flowers make Pip's heart beat faster. They add fresh energy and colour to a room. Besides, they give long-lasting enjoyment and can be placed anywhere in the house. Get creative with the following styling tips:

zijden bloemen
zijden bloemen

01 Silk flower bouquet as a showpiece in the living room

Flowers bring happiness and energy and therefore they deserve a prominent place. Take the time to figure out where your flowers will look their best to be a centrepiece in the living room.

02 Eyecatcher on the dining table: a silk flower bouquet

Make your dining table sing by placing a beautiful vase with a stunning bouquet in it. This is also the finishing touch for a dinner party and adds an extra element of colour to your meal.

03 Turn the bathroom into a luxury spa with silk flowers

Add luxury, freshness and beauty to the bathroom with silk flowers. After all, this space is also made to sparkle. A silk flower requires no maintenance and light so can be placed anywhere, like the bathroom.

zijden bloemen
zijden bloemen

04 Flowers in the bedroom

Wake up happy every day! Flowers create a positive vibe in the bedroom. They also have a calming and stress-reducing effect and boost your mood. Put a silk flower bouquet in a vase on a shelf, on your bedside table or on your windowsill. Good morning sunshine!


05 A warm welcome in the hall

Create an inviting atmosphere in the hall with flowers. Place a silk flower bouquet on a sideboard or a stool. This gives the hall a vibrant look and you have a real eye-catcher.

06 Make it extra cosy in the kitchen

The kitchen, also the heart of the home, deserves extra ambiance. Place a silk flower bouquet in a vase on the kitchen counter or kitchen island. Enjoy the liveliness that flowers bring to the kitchen and make even more loving dishes.


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