Care Guide home decor

Make sure you regularly spend some time maintaining your favourite items. Whether it's furniture, bathroom accessories, or textiles, a little upkeep can make a world of difference. And don't forget, small cleaning sessions now can mean big savings in the long run. So don't let that smile fade from your face when you look at your beloved stuff, because with the right care, they'll keep shining!


Our rugs are made of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. You can wash the rugs at 30 degrees, but avoid using bleach to keep the colours nice. The rug is suitable for use indoors. We don't recommend intensive use in shops and/or offices. Due to the natural composition of cotton, the rug may be susceptible to discolouration in direct sunlight. So, make sure to place them somewhere nice where the sun doesn't shine too much.


Our wallpaper is printed on smartpaper, very handy. It's not washable, but you can clean the wallpaper completely with a slightly damp cloth. The wallpaper is not suitable for damp spaces.


Pip Studio's vases are made of metal. The vases can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. When there's water in the vases, change it every week to prevent oxidation. Additionally, you can use protection under the metal vases if you're using water. This is to protect furniture from moisture due to temperature differences.


Our artificial flowers from Pip Studio are handmade from artificial silk and have bendable stems. Don't expose your artificial flowers to direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. To minimize dust and fading, it's best to place them under some form of shade, like an awning. Avoid sprays or protectants on the artificial flowers. To clean the artificial flowers, you can use a microfiber cloth. This is the best way to keep those beautiful silk flowers looking nice for as long as possible.


The exterior of our decorative cushions is made of 100% percale cotton. The interior of the cushions is made of 100% polyester. With a weave density of 200TC, the fabric remains beautiful for a long time. The cushions can be washed up to 60 degrees and are suitable for the tumble dryer. The cushions are also easy to iron. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful colour combinations on your sofa or bed for a longer time!


Our beautiful candle holders are made of aluminium. A hand wash, no abrasive agents, and you'll keep the top quality.


For our pouffes and chairs, we use 100% polyester fabric. The inside is matte velvet, very soft! Small stains? Just dab with an absorbent cloth, and for large stains, you can use a mild cleaning agent in combination with a microfiber cloth.


The inside of Pip Studio's decorative bowls is made of metal. The outside contains an enamel topcoat. The decorative bowls are not microwave- and dishwasher-safe. The product can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Our metal decorative bowls are handmade, so handle them with care.