Small gifts

Small gifts

Would you like to make someone happy with something small or surprise yourself, then you have come to the right place. Find the perfect little surprise among the small gifts. Read more

We have listed all the small gifts for you, so we can help you surprise someone more easily. Looking for something for in the bathroom or are there still some pieces missing in your crockery? There is an idea for every nook and corner.

A big difference with a small detail

Even with the smallest items you can transform a room to the perfect place. For example, small vases, candles, or picture frames for on the wall. Do you want to give yourself a little something or do you think you can make someone else very happy. Then these are the best gifts. Remember, a small gift is often a big gesture.

25x Colorful gifts

What is better than a small, yet colorful gift. To make it easier for you we have made sure that you can filter by color on our product pages. The result is a page full of gifts in the favorite color of the lucky receiver. Take a look at our favorite gifts page and let yourself be inspired.

Pip's cheerfulness

The products from Pip are always colorful and exude much joy. Our small gifts are also available in all kinds of colors, and you can make someone happy. In our range you will find pink accessories for in the bathroom or small yellow vases with which you can brighten up your coffee table. You will also find wonderfully soft towels and washcloths in our collection. In short, these are gifts that no one wants to miss.

You can also choose to put together all nice little gifts into one large surprise package. We understand that the choice is huge, you can also make it easy for yourself and buy a gift voucher. Then you're sure you're in the right place!