Candle Holders

What’s nicer then lighting up your house with candles and beautiful candleholders? Choose your favourite item and give your home a warm and cosy look.

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Colourful candles and candleholders

Candles and candleholders give any room an intimate and inviting ambiance. Looking to add some warmth and a sense of ‘home’ to your interior? Pip Studio has beautiful candles and candleholders that provide the perfect finishing touch. These items give your home a personalised feel and turn your living room into a real eye-catcher after dark.

Mix and match colours

Pip Studio candles and candleholders comes in a wide range of colours. Whether you prefer red, green or even yellow, these items from Pip Studio make sure that every candle burns at its brightest. The candleholders also have a lovely gloss finish as an extra finishing touch. Mix and match different colours and models to give your home a new look.

Which size will it be?

Not only are the candles and candleholders available in different colours, but also in different sizes. Prefer small candles? Then you’ll be delighted with the 9 cm and 11 cm versions. And did you know that the candleholders are also available in smaller models? The 14 cm candleholder, for instance, is perfect for those who love small accessories. Prefer big candles and candleholders? Choose one of these showstoppers. Whether you want to buy small or large candles, Pip Studio is sure to have your favourite.

Make your interior complete

To complete your interior, combine the new candles & candleholders with other Pip Studio home accessories. How about a vintage carpet, soft cushions or a colourful vase to liven up your home? View all home accessories and give your interior a new look & feel.