Blue decorative cushions

Create a magical effect in the living room with a blue vase from Pip Studio. Go for a cheerful oval vase or choose a round one for the dining table.


Cheerful blue decorative cushions for your home

Decorative cushions can make a significant addition to your interior. They enhance the look with style while also providing practicality. Whether you're in search of a serene design or vibrant flowers for the spring days, Pip Studio offers a diverse range of decorative cushions in its collection.


Velvet cushions from Pip Studio

Pip Studio's blue decorative cushions come in a wide variety of prints and shapes. Opt for a romantic ambiance with a floral print from collections like Kawai Flower or Tokyo Bouquet. If you prefer an elegant feel, the blue decorative cushion from the Quiltey Days or Kyoto Festival collection might be just right for you. Seeking something unique? Pip Studio also offers round blue decorative cushions made from velvet. Which one will you choose?


Adding more love to your home

Apart from cheerful and unique blue decorative cushions, Pip Studio also offers other home accessories. Complete your living room with a beautiful rug or a lively vase. Do you have a spot in your home that you want to infuse with more love? Explore our extensive wallpaper collection.


Style the blue decorative cushions in various ways

The blue cushions can be styled in numerous ways throughout your home. Give your living room an extra touch of love by placing them on the couch. You can also use the decorative cushions on your bed or even on your lounge chairs in the garden or on the balcony. The possibilities are endless! How will you style your new blue decorative cushions?