Blue stools

A blue stool is the missing piece to complete your interior. Discover why blue stools can enhance your decor.

At Pip Studio, we've designed blue stools that perfectly match with our other home accessories. Explore how you can match your stool with the rest of your interior.



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Turn your house into a home with your blue stool

Are you in search of a stunning centerpiece to enrich your home? At Pip Studio, you'll discover the perfect blue stools available in vibrant prints. These stools not only serve as striking design pieces but are also incredibly practical. You can use them to rest your feet while lounging on the couch, and they're also super convenient as extra seating or as a side table when you have guests over.


Stools crafted from quality fabrics

Our blue stools are the ideal furniture pieces that can instantly add cheer to your home. These blue stools are crafted from blue velvet with an eye for colourful details and finishes. Each stool is made of 100% PES and boasts a Martindale score of 60,000, ensuring their longevity in your interior. Convenient and of high quality—what more could you ask for?


Mix & match

The blue stools are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can certainly find one that perfectly matches your interior style. If you prefer a different color, check out our stools in pink or green. These stools also beautifully complement matching decorative cushions for your couch or bed. Our blue-coloured stools can be easily combined with their own matching collection.