Green vases

Looking to add a little more green to your home or searching for a great gift for friends or family? Discover Pip Studio's green vases! The perfect gift to give and receive.


A spot for every green vase

Our green vases are versatile and can be used in various rooms in your home. Place a large green vase on a sideboard in the living room to make a statement or place a small green vase on a kitchen windowsill to add a touch of natural beauty to your cooking space. Complete your vase with a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers. The possibilities are endless!


Mix and match

When we think of the colour green, we immediately think of nature and perhaps even tranquility. It's an ideal colour to use as an accent in your bedroom, living room, or workspace! The green hues of our vases are vibrant and vivid, ranging from light to dark to teal green. This makes the vases a real eye-catchers in any interior. Additionally, our green vases look stunning in combination with our other home items such as a charming candle holder or a beautiful decorative bowl.


A vase in every colour

Not entirely convinced about the colour green? Then be sure to check out our yellow, blue, red, or pink vases and easily style your interior in no time!

What are you waiting for? Bring a touch of nature and style into your home with Pip Studio's enchanting green vase and let your interior shine!