Metal vases

Enhance your floral displays with Pip Studio's exquisite metal vases, boasting a golden interior and rim for an elegant touch. These versatile vases come in various shapes and colors, perfect for complementing your decor and creating a harmonious ambiance in your space.

Beautiful metal vases from Pip Studio

Every bouquet deserves a lovely home. Make your bouquet shine even brighter by placing it in a metal vase. Not only do these vases complement your home decor beautifully, but they are also incredibly beautiful and of high quality. All our vases feature a golden metal colour on the inside and are finished with a golden rim. Are you already excited to give your flowers a gorgeous spot?


Various shapes and colours

We offer a variety of metal vases in different shapes and styles, suitable for every interior style. Whether you prefer a calm or extravagant atmosphere, Pip Studio has something for you. Choose an oval pink metal vase for a romantic touch or go for a round red metal vase for the holidays. In addition to round and oval vases, we also have metal vases with pedestals and long necks. Take a look at our small vases for a fun mix-and-match effect. At Pip Studio, you'll find plenty of options!


Style your interior with Pip's metal vases

You've ordered your new metal vases, but you feel like something is missing. Our vases are perfect for mixing and matching with items such as candleholders, decorative cushions, artificial flowers, or throws for your sofa. This way, you can create a harmonious look in your home. Mixing the vases with different shapes can also add a unique touch to your space. Vases can be placed anywhere in your home: the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even on your dresser. The possibilities are endless. Where will you display your vase?

Fun Fact: Our vases are beautifully finished with a glossy effect for an extra touch of elegance.