Oval vases

Enrich your interior with our beautiful oval vases in different colors and sizes. Mix and match them with other decorative items for a vibrant look.

Create ambiance in your home with oval vases

Imagine this: you receive a bouquet of flowers, but you don't have a beautiful vase at home. That can be quite frustrating. But at Pip Studio, we have lovely solutions. Oval vases are real eye-catchers in your home and make your bouquet shine even more. The organic shape creates a beautiful atmosphere in your home. So, an oval vase can add a lot to your home decor. Now, the only question is, which colour to choose?


Cheerful colours and various sizes

Everyone has their own style, but don't worry. At Pip Studio, you'll find oval vases in different colours and sizes. Go for a blue vase for a fresh look or choose yellow for a summery vibe. A true romantic? Then, pick a red or pink oval vase and adorn it with a bouquet of roses. In addition to different colours, there's also a variety of sizes to choose from. This way, you can create the perfect look that brings you joy.


Complete it with other home accessories

The oval vase is in place, but you feel like something is missing. At Pip Studio, you'll not only find oval vases in the assortment. Mix and match the vase with colourful decorative pillows, candleholders, or vibrant artificial flowers. Looking for another eye-catcher? Check out our collection of poufs and chairs, and mix the colours with your vase to create a beautiful ensemble.

Pip's tip: mix the oval vases with matching small vases. Shop now and complete your interior with Pip Studio's items.