Yellow vases

Are you looking for a beautiful spot for your bouquet? Take a look at our colorful yellow vases and let your flowers shine in your home.

Discover the way to subtly add some colour to your home

Who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet on the dining table? And such a beautiful bouquet deserves an equally beautiful vase to stand in. Pip Studio's yellow vases are the perfect addition to your flowers! From mustard yellow, bright yellow, pale yellow, and various shapes, you'll find the perfect vase for you at Pip Studio. The way to give your home a subtle touch of colour.


Different styles and sizes

Pip Studio's yellow vases come in various styles and sizes. Are you looking for a large vase? Our vases are available in sizes such as 30 and 40 cm. Or are you in search of a little vase for the coffee table? We also have two types of mini vases, a round one of 10 cm and an oval one of 14 cm that can be styled together. The vases are made of metal. So, plenty of choices. Whether you prefer a calm or an exuberant look, both are possible with Pip Studio's vases.


Give your home an eye-catcher

In addition to cheerful yellow vases, we also sell other fun home accessories. Looking for an eye-catcher for the living room? Then check out our extensive rug collection. Or adorn your dining table with a vase, candle holder, and matching decorations or fruit bowl. Shop your favorites now and complete your interior! Are you already excited about giving your flowers a beautiful place?

Our yellow vases are also beautifully finished with a glossy touch for an extra finishing touch.