Botanical wallpaper

Brighten your wall with botanical wallpaper from Pip Studio. Unique prints and colours come your way, and it's super easy to hang!


Bring nature inside with botanical wallpaper

Do you love the outdoors and nature? You can easily bring it into your home by hanging botanical wallpaper in your living room or kitchen. It can instantly give your house a calm yet playful look. At Pip Studio, you'll find various unique botanical patterns that will inspire you every day.


Multiple designs and colours

Our botanical wallpaper is available in various prints and colours. A bird enthusiast? Take a look at the Good Nightingale collection or the Chinese Porcelain print. More a fan of palm trees and other natural elements? Then our Palm Scene or Festa di Lividonia collection is perfect for your style. Our botanical wallpaper collections come in multiple colours such as green, pink, yellow, blue, and beige. Which colour and print will you hang in your home?


Give your interior a makeover with home accessories

Want to give your home a complete makeover? Our botanical wallpaper pairs well with the rest of our home accessories. Add a beautiful rectangular rug under the couch and a colourful vase on the dining table, for example. Because of the prints in our wallpaper, you can also mix and match different colours. For instance, you might find yellow tones on a green wallpaper, so you can choose a yellow vase to create a cohesive look. Get inspired by our 'Style Your Home' blogs.


How to wallpaper

A good start is half the battle! That's why we've created a handy step-by-step guide so that you can tackle it like a true professional. We've also written a helpful blog full of wallpaper tips and tricks, so you'll have the perfect botanical wallpaper hanging in your home in no time.

Did you know that our Good Nightingale print is also available in our stools, chairs, and homewear collection? How delightful!