Floral wallpaper

Are you searching for unique wallpaper for your home? At Pip Studio, you'll discover a variety of wallpaper styles, including charming floral prints. Floral wallpaper is the perfect addition when you're looking to add a romantic touch to your home. With wallpaper, you have numerous ways to create a specific atmosphere in your home.

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Various colours and floral designs

Pip Studio offers floral wallpaper in a wide range of prints and colors. Are you aiming for a feminine and romantic atmosphere? Explore the Tokyo Blossom collection or pink-themed wallpaper. If you prefer a fresher look, you can choose from blue or green-themed wallpaper, such as the Cece Fiore or Casa dei Fiori collections. Which collection suits your style best?


Easy wallpapering with Pip Studio

Wallpapering can be a task, but not when you use Pip Studio's wallpaper. We offer non-woven wallpaper, making it straightforward even for beginners. The significant advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that you only need to apply adhesive to the wall, eliminating the need to paste the rolls. Say goodbye to the hassle of a wallpapering table. With the help of our handy step-by-step guide and some valuable tips, even you can wallpaper like a pro! Moreover, it's easy to remove, allowing you to enjoy a fresh atmosphere in your home whenever you desire.


Complete your interior

So, your new floral wallpaper graces your walls. However, you still feel that something extra is missing. At Pip Studio, you'll find not only wallpaper but also unique rugs, stylish poufs, and other delightful home accessories, including vases, artificial flowers, decorative bowls, and candle holders. Which home accessories will perfect your interior? Explore Pip Studio's extensive collection and transform your house into a cozy home.