Green wallpaper

Looking for a way to give your home a green and unique look? Whether it's olive green, dark green, or green with a touch of gold, at Pip Studio, you'll find a range of unique and high-quality wallpaper in various shades of green.


Green wallpaper: a must in your room!

With Pip Studio's green wallpaper, you can bring a fresh and natural atmosphere into your home. Green is also the color of focus and tranquility, making our green wallpaper perfect for use in the bedroom, study, or bathroom. It's a versatile color that instantly brightens up your rooms!


A cheerful or neutral look?

Are you looking for a cheerful print? Be sure to check out our Floris non-woven wallpaper, Chinese Garden non-woven wallpaper, and La Majorelle non-woven wallpaper. Prefer a more neutral look? Casa di Fiori non-woven wallpaper, Chinese Porcelain vinyl wallpaper, and Origami Tree non-woven wallpaper might be more your style! Combine the green wallpaper with stylish home decor items to complete the look.


Easy wallpaper installation

Wallpapering has never been easier! Pip Studio's green wallpaper is printed on smartpaper, which is very user-friendly. Thanks to smartpaper, you only need to apply glue to the wall, allowing you to cut the green wallpaper dry and easily. Moreover, the wallpaper is still easy to remove from the wall after several years. To make wallpapering even easier, we've written a blog with a wallpaper installation guide.