Khaki wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper can make a significant difference in your home. It adds just that extra touch of ambiance you're looking for. Using taupe or beige wallpaper keeps it calm, but with Pip Studio's unique prints, you still create a luxurious atmosphere in your home.


Be enchanted by beautiful patterns

Enchanting prints with a beautiful story can be found in Pip Studio's khaki wallpaper collection. Bring spring into your home with khaki Tokyo Blossom non-woven wallpaper or khaki Spring to Life non-woven wallpaper. Prefer a graphic and cheerful wallpaper? Then our khaki Blurred Lines wallpaper is right up your alley. The khaki Blurred Lines wallpaper is available with pink or green stripes.


Easy wallpapering with Pip Studio

Wallpapering is always a bit of work, but with Pip Studio's wallpapering guide, you'll be done in no time! Our wallpaper doesn't need soaking, no time wasted! Dry non-woven wallpaper is much easier and more precise to cut to size than soaked paper. This allows you to work cleanly, easily make corrections, and smooth out the wallpaper.


Styling tips

Did you know that wallpaper can be used in many ways? While it looks great in your living room on that boring wall or in the kitchen, you can also use it in a different way. Specifically, giving your cabinets a unique look. Enhance your kitchen cabinets, sideboard, or bookshelf with taupe/khaki wallpaper to create your own unique atmosphere at home. Mix it up with some lovely home accessories like candleholders, a stylish fruit bowl, and a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase to place on your sideboard, and voilà! A unique, special spot in your home.