Pink wallpaper

Give your favorite space a new look with Pip Studio's pink wallpaper. Keep reading to learn how you can easily wallpaper yourself.


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Be inspired by magical pink wallpaper

If your home is lacking a bit of color, then pink wallpaper is the perfect solution. Show some extra love to the wall in your hallway or behind the sideboard by using beautiful wallpaper. It's an easy and quick solution to give your home a new look.


Unique patterns and cheerful colors

Wallpapering becomes even more enjoyable with the magical prints and unique details found on our pink wallpaper. Create a tropical atmosphere with the pink Palm Scene non-woven wallpaper, showcasing parading paradise birds, palm trees, leaves, and exotic flowers. Want to bring spring into your home? Then we have plenty of floral wallpaper options like pink Floris or Good Nightingale wallpaper. In addition to bright pink colors, we also have wallpaper in a lovely pink mauve shade like Tokyo Blossom wallpaper. See how it looks.


Easy wallpapering with Pip Studio's pink wallpaper

Wallpapering can be tricky, with glue spills and everything getting dirty. But with Pip Studio's convenient wallpaper, that stops because we sell non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to use because you don't need to apply glue to the rolls, only to the wall. Especially for you, we've also created a handy wallpapering guide to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Still a bit unsure about what you exactly want? Then read our handy wallpaper tips.