Red wallpaper

Dare to make a statement with red wallpaper. Keep reading and discover how to combine red wallpaper into your interior. Everyone will adore it.


Create warmth with red wallpaper

Thinking about redecorating your home or looking to add some extra colour? Our red wallpaper is perfect if you're searching for a striking yet elegant addition to your interior. With Pip Studio's red and elegant wallpaper, you can easily create a warm atmosphere in any room.


Creative prints in endless colors

Each type of wallpaper features a beautiful, detailed design in various shades of red. Are you more of a fan of a different colour yourself anyway? Let yourself be convinced by our wallpaper in blue, white, and many more.


Mix & match

Red and burgundy wallpaper is not only stylish on its own but also great when combined with our home accessories. Our red wallpaper pairs beautifully with a matching stool or a lovely vase. Design your home the way you want!


Practical wallpapering with Pip Studio

Pip Studio's red wallpaper is made of high-quality materials. Additionally, Pip Studio wallpaper is easy to work with because we use non-woven wallpaper. This means you only need to apply the wallpaper glue to the wall, not to the rolls of wallpaper themselves. Whether your wallpaper is pink, green, burgundy, or yellow, it's definitely very easy! Not sure about non-woven wallpaper? Feel free to take a look at our photo and vinyl wallpaper as well.