Yellow wallpaper

Ready for a new atmosphere in your home? You can achieve it quickly and easily by hanging a cheerful yellow wallpaper. Curious about the various prints?


Bring sunshine into your home with yellow wallpaper

A cheerful wallpaper can add a lot to your home. With vibrant yellow wallpaper, you can bring the sunshine indoors. Yellow is often associated with joy, happiness, and energy, which can promote a positive feeling—how delightful! At Pip Studio, you'll find a wide range of yellow wallpaper in various styles and prints to brighten up your home.


Looking for a cheerful wallpaper?

Pip Studio's yellow wallpaper comes in various prints. Are you in search of a cheerful wallpaper? Check out the Tokyo Blossom or La Majorelle collection, both featuring vibrant flowers and floral branches on a warm yellow background. If you prefer something more modern, the Blurred Lines or Raindrops collection might be your choice. Which one will you pick?


Style your home with other yellow home accessories

In addition to unique yellow wallpaper, we also offer other lovely home accessories in this summery color. For example, a beautiful rug or a vase filled with a rich bouquet of artificial flowers. Or, pair your wallpaper with a charming pouf or chair from Pip Studio. Don't forget to explore our porcelain collections for a well-stocked china cabinet.


How to wallpaper easily

You've got your favorite wallpaper at home, but how do you hang it? Wallpapering for beginners with non-woven wallpaper is quite straightforward. The major advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that you no longer need to paste the rolls with glue; you only need to apply glue to the wall. We've created a handy step-by-step guide just for you, so you can easily wallpaper like a pro!