Coffee mug with a handle

At Pip Studio, you'll find a wide variety of coffee mugs, including those with handles. This is super convenient because it allows you to hold your coffee cup securely.

Coffee mugs for every occasion

A coffee mug with a handle is indispensable in your kitchen cabinet. Whether it's your morning coffee, a cozy chat with friends, or a nice cup of coffee after dinner, enjoy it in style with our coffee mugs with handles. All our coffee mugs are made of 100% high-quality porcelain.


Savor your drink in style

Whether you're a fan of cappuccino, iced coffee, chai latte, or a simple black coffee, with Pip Studio's coffee mugs with handles, you'll be sipping your coffee in style. We also offer various designs, from cheerful flowers with the Flower Festival pattern to elegant details with Royal White. Looking for a specific colour? Opt for sunny yellow mugs or choose a cozy blue hue. There are plenty of options! Pip Studio's coffee mugs are also available in sets, making it easy to expand your porcelain coffee service.


Turn every breakfast into a moment of enjoyment

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Enjoy your breakfast in style. Mix and match our coffee mugs with handles with breakfast plates, egg cups, a butter dish, and yogurt bowls, among other items. Add one of our pitchers, filled with freshly squeezed orange juice or water. Did you know we also sell beautiful table linens? Keep your table clean and beautiful with a table runner or tablecloth from Pip.

Pip's Tip: Not a coffee enthusiast? Our coffee mugs can also be used for your hot cup of tea.