On the hunt for the perfect porcelain tableware? At pip Studio you can find several collections with unique designs and beautiful colours. Which collection do you choose?

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Porcelain from Pip Studio

Our porcelain collection is so extended, you can almost get lost in our collections. Every collection is decorated with unique prints and have their own specific colour-palette. From elegant white crockery to porcelain with a cheery flower design. With us, you’ll find a fitting collection for your kitchen.

Coloured crockery

For our colour-lovers: we have a wide range of porcelain. For example, our beautiful Flower Festival crockery: cheery colours and patterns create a playful collection. More of a tropical lover? Our Jolie collection is the perfect fit. The design consists of exotic flowers, palm trees and playful herons. The collection pays tribute to botanical gardens. Looking for the perfect editions for your cabinet? Our Heritage collection may be your perfect match.

Royal collections

Our Royal collections are each unique in their own way. The collections can easily be mixed and matched together. The Royal White collection has a simple ambience with golden details. The Royal Multi collection is embellished with colourful flowers and geometric prints. Our newest addition is Royal Yerseke, this collection is decorated with different types of sea creatures which are a delicacy in the Netherlands.

Love Birds collection

Love Birds is our first collection and still one of the most popular among Pip Studio lovers. The hand-painted robin takes the lead in this design. In combination with the curled embellishments, the Love Birds collection is a real eye-catcher. Love Birds is available in red/pink, blue/khaki and white. The collection consists of mugs, plates, and teapots.

Pip Studio crockery

Pip Studio crockery is made of 100% high-quality porcelain. We have everything you need like cups, porcelain plates, dinnerplates and even porcelain sets. Make your collection complete with a matching teapot or cake tray. Or go for luxury kitchen textile to give your kitchen a little extra flair. The several collections are easy to combine, so you can give it your own twist.