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Life Terra x Pip Studio

The best way to cool down the planet? Plant lots and lots of trees! Not only does this compensate for CO2 emissions, but also promotes more biodiversity, a healthy living environment and better water quality.

Life Terra

Pip Studio has partnered up with Life Terra, a foundation dedicated to fighting climate change. Their mission? To have planted no fewer than 500,000,000 new trees by 2025. It is an ambitious goal to which we gladly devote our energies. Part of our sustainability strategy is to achieve CO2 -neutral production of the majority of our collections within ten years and to make a positive contribution to biodiversity.

The Pip Studio forest

Together with our partners New Edition, Rozenkelim, Silk-ka, De Eekhoorn, PI Marketing and Elevate Digital, we took an important first step on Friday 18 March by planting 1,500 trees in Baarn.

1,500 trees: what does that mean?

CO2 compensation is literally invisible. And 1,500 trees is probably hard to picture. But did you know that 1,500 trees capture an average of 300 tonnes of CO2 over the course of 40 years? A single tonne of CO2 is comparable to 72 trips from Amsterdam to Paris with the Thalys high-speed train or 2.6 flights from Amsterdam to Rome – times 300. A result of which we are very proud. But there are plenty more trees to be planted.

Join us on our journey

You now have the possibility to adopt a tree for only € 5 with one click. The tree is yours and yours alone. In a dashboard you can see the tree species and the exact location. This way, not only can you help the planet store more CO2, but also purify the air. Nice added touch: you can even visit your tree because Life Terra plants trees in several countries across Europe.