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Handmade tiles

All Pip cement tiles measure 20x20 cm. Some are 1.6 cm thick, while others are 1.2 cm thick. There are 25 cement tiles in one square metre. The cement tiles have a cement base with a colour layer consisting of marble granulate and pigment. The pigment paste is poured into a mould for a specific pattern and the pigment layer is 3 to 5 mm thick. After the tile is poured into the mould, it is placed under 30 bar pressure and then soaked in water for 24 hours to harden the cement crystals. It is then dried for 27 days.


The cement tiles and zelliges are 100% ‘green’, eco-friendly and sustainably produced. Our studios are ISO-certified and recycle 95% of their waste. We pay our workers in the Far East and Morocco decent wages and ensure a healthy workplace.


Since cement tiles and zelliges are made completely by hand, they are never 100% precise in shape. They are baked in a traditional oven with only a baking chamber, giving each tile a unique colour nuance. Occasionally, the tiles may have small cracks or clay chips, but if your tiler mixes the tiles properly, these will not be easy to see and the result will be fabulous.


To protect your floor as best as possible, it should be impregnated. But this is one floor that will take more than a lifetime to wear out and only become more beautiful with age. This is not something you can say about a regular floor, which is exactly why Pip Studio chose this product.


Pip Studio tiles are available via our partner De Tegel B.V.

For any further information or placing an order, free to contact them at T +31 (0)76 5729082 or via e-mail at

De Tegel bv • Rudonk 2 • 4824 AJ Breda • The Netherlands


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