In the description of each product on the website, the country of origin is indicated. Next, the products are transported to our warehouse by boat or truck. Compared to air freight, the method of transport and the distance to be covered make transport by road or water more environmentally friendly options.
Transporting the contents of a full container by air produces fifty times more emissions than transporting the same load by ship. The emission levels of the road transport from our European producers to the Netherlands are more than one hundred times lower than if we were to fly in products from the Far East.
Furthermore, our partners strive to minimise their use of packaging materials throughout the entire production and supply chain and to keep the volume of empty air in boxes to a minimum. This approach helps us keep our transport volume as low as possible.
From the Netherlands, our products are delivered to consumers using increasingly more environmentally friendly methods. All our transport partners have drawn up clear emission targets. Our go-to partner DHL has stated that the air pollution produced by its fleet of vehicles will be reduced by 70% by the year 2025 by rolling out a “clean pick-up & delivery” solution, such as bicycle couriers and electric vehicles. You can find a complete overview of the shipping partners we work with on our shipping options page.
Same Day Delivery & the environment
In conference with our transporters, we have decided not to offer our consumers a “Same Day Delivery” option. We find that this option is not compatible with our policies, due to the required speed and therefore inefficiency of the transport involved.