Long sports pants

Complete your sporty look with long sports pants or leggings from pip studio - the unique prints will boost your motivation!

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Womens' Sport Leggings from Pip Studio

Are you a true sports enthusiast? Then, of course, you need a stylish sport outfit in your closet. At Pip Studio, you'll find cute long sports pants for women. These sports pants offer comfort and motivation. The unique prints and vibrant colors give you that extra push to get moving. Choose a sport legging, mostly made of elastane, hugging your body beautifully. Or opt for a looser fit. The loose sports pants are comfortable, allowing your body to move freely.


Create the Perfect Sport Outfit with Pip

You're ready to hit the gym. You already have your long sports pants, but you feel like something's missing. Then, check out Pip Studio's other sport items. Complete your sport look with a matching Sports Bra, throw on a sport shirt, and finish it with a cheerful jacket. Et voilà, you're the most stylish one in the gym! Are you also looking for a handy bag? Our weekend bags are the perfect size to store your outfit, water bottle, towel, and other essentials.


Prints to Dream Away

If you're looking for unique women's sport leggings or long sports pants, you've come to the right place. In addition to different models, we also offer various prints and colors. Opt for a flared fit adorned with flowers. You can find these in the Isola collection, available in dark red or dark blue. Keep it simple with the Little Sumo Stripe collection which pairs well with the Isola print. Which one will you choose?

Pip's tip: The long sports pants are not only great for sports but also for a quiet Sunday afternoon or a work-from-home day!