Blue Shirts

Blue shirts add a lot to your outfit; they are stylish, comfortable, and feature a magical design. From short to long sleeves, at Pip Studio, you'll find what you're looking for.

Stylish All Day with Pip Studio's Blue Shirts

Shirts: an essential item in your wardrobe. There's plenty of room for variation to create a stylish and comfortable outfit. Pip Studio's blue shirts offer both. Whether you prefer a blue shirt with short sleeves, long sleeves, or sleeveless, it's all possible thanks to Pip Studio's extensive assortment. What kind of blue shirt are you looking for?


A dark blue shirt or a light blue shirt

In addition to various options for blue shirts, you also have a choice of different shades of blue. For the summer and spring, consider a light blue shirt adorned with cheerful flowers from the Flora Firenze or Cece Fiore collection. During colder days, you can opt for a dark blue shirt from collections like Isola or Suki. Each blue shirt is decorated with unique prints and beautifully finished details, such as a golden trim or matching button. Don't forget to check out the lovely sweaters and cardigans from Pip Studio as well.


Mix and match with matching women's fashion

If you're looking for a new stylish outfit, you've come to the right place at Pip Studio. A blue shirt from Pip pairs well with matching pants, skirts, sweaters, and cardigans. You can complete the look by adding a cheerful headband and a bag. Pip Studio's blue shirts also carry the sustainable label. You can find out why on our sustainability page.

Tip: A blue shirt from Pip Studio is also perfect as a unique gift for friends or family!