Autumn activities

for indoor and outdoor

After a long and wonderful summer, it's time for the most photogenic season of the year. 9 things to do in autumn: from a full day trip to a short activity. Have fun!

01. Go for a walk in the forest
The absolute number 1: put on warm clothes and go for a walk in the woods. Collect acorns, chestnuts, beechnuts and leaves and make creative decorations out of them.


02. Create your own home cinema
It’s cold, dark and probably raining. The plan? Grab a blanket, make a hot cup of chocolate, close the curtains and light a few scented candles. Share the snacks round and you’ve got the perfect movie night in.


03. Make an autumn wreath for the door
We are all familiar with Christmas wreaths. But have you ever made a fall wreath? Tip: if you use a willow wreath for the base, you can reuse it every year. Don’t feel like getting creative? Most garden centers also have ready-made autumn wreaths.


04. Make a campfire in the garden
Aren't the early evenings too cold yet? Then it’s wonderful to sit outside by a warm campfire.

05. Making soup
Cold and rainy outside? Yes! Time to cook a big pot of soup. Perfectly suitable for the season and delicious to eat: pumpkin soup.


06. Bake a cake
Relaxing to do, with the additional bonus that it will make your house smell wonderful: baking cakes! Choose a recipe with lots of spices such as cinnamon for the ultimate autumn feeling.

07. Host a dinner party
The end of the year should be celebrated with lots of parties. A breakfast with bubbles or a spectacular 5-course dinner? Every meal gets an upgrade from a festively set table.


08. Beautiful pictures
The forest is at its best in the fall. Go out and take pictures of the beautiful nature.

09. Visit a light festival
Many large cities celebrate the dark days with a light festival. Wherever you're from, there's probably a light festival near you. Watch twinkling lights with a warm glass of Mulled wine or chocolate milk in your hands.

Lots of love, Pip