Green up your home

4 tips to bring nature into your interior

From fresh green to olive: having green in your home does wonders for the atmosphere. Go wild with plants and green shades to bring the outdoors inside. Plants are real mood creators and have an air-purifying effect. Besides, with green home accessories you also bring a good dose of nature into your home. These four tips make it easy to create a botanical interior.


Every interior is more beautiful with a some extra plants, but choose varieties that match your style. Bohemian? Then go for colourful and eclectic combined with a rattan pot. Do you prefer Scandinavian? Then plants that radiate tranquility and simplicity are your ideal match, such as an Areca palm. Do you want to create a real urban jungle? Then more = more. For example, combine a large Monstera with a banana plant and hanging plants for a playful jungle vibe.

Did you know that plants reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and other pollutants? Plus, they also increase humidity. For optimal air quality, put one plant per 10 m² approximately.


Don't have a green thumb? No worries. If you are not a fan of plants or do not know how to maintain them, you can also look at artificial flowers. It's an easy way to brighten up your interior.


Green home accessories give your interior a botanical vibe. The green stools Kawai Flower and Good Nightingale are perfect for this. You will find flowers and birds in these pieces. Put a few more green cushions or a plaid on the couch and surround yourself with the feeling of nature. Do you want to make a real statement? Then opt for a green wall.


Another and easy way to bring nature into your home is to put nature on the wall. Choose wallpaper with a floral print like Tokyo Blossom and Casa di Fiore. But also with animal prints you can bring the outdoors inside. Like our bird prints as Good Nightingale, Origami and Pip Paradise.

Bring green in your home

with different shades

Adopt your own tree

Inspired to add even more green? Good news: from now on you can adopt a tree with just one click. The tree is and will always be yours. In a personalized dashboard you can see the tree species and the precise location of your tree. This way you can help the earth to store CO2 and to purify the air in a positive way.


Fun fact: you can even visit your tree! Life Terra, the foundation we collaborate with, plants trees in several countries across Europe. Read more about our collaboration.

Adopt your own tree

Adopt a tree