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Winter Wonderland

A visit to Chateau Pippadour is an experience not easily forgotten. I remember everything as if it were yesterday: the lavish floral wallpaper in the guest room, the carpet & the paintings. Jack and Pippadour taught me to enjoy – my family, my friends, the here and now.

Every November, Pippadour prepared the castle for the upcoming winter. There was to be no more gardening until spring. And since she would be indoors much more in winter, she brought the outdoors in. She hung extra curtains in front of the bedroom windows. And the down duvets were covered in sheets in the colours of the garden and woods, featuring the same patterns as her wallpaper as well as cranes. Pippadour admired cranes for their strength and grace. And especially their legend: fold a thousand paper cranes and your heart’s desire will come true. In a nutshell, cranes were her lucky charms.

Pippadour had extra carpets placed in the hallways. Jack retrieved them from the basement and rolled them out for her. To create even more ambiance, Pippadour put candleholders everywhere. She placed large branches – from the woods close to their castle – in the Chinese vases and decorated them with cheerful ornaments. On the terrace outside the kitchen, she placed lanterns. So, no matter the weather, the castle was always a warm paradise of light – long before and long after Christmas. After all, Pippadour did not associate ambiance with a specific date.

This year, I’m following Pippadour’s example. Like her, I make almost every day pajama day. After all, the fabric and print on my new jumpsuit are so wonderful that I can wear it in town – and I’m even considering wearing it for Christmas dinner.


Now that the outdoor season is coming to an end, I’m spending a lot more time in the kitchen. I’m making mash pots and stews. And, in the afternoon, I’m enjoying roasted chestnuts, baked pears with cinnamon and apple pie with nuts. So my home smells just as festive as it looks. I've now also found the perfect recipe for crème brûlée. In my brand-new sports outfit, I manage to find the right balance between all the eating and staying fit.

Omdat tafelen dit seizoen heel veel van mijn aandacht heeft, maakte ik als eerbetoon aan mijn familie een nieuw servies: Heritage. Elk bord, elke kom vertelt een verhaal. Zodat we deze winter nóg langer samen aan tafel blijven zitten. Daar vertel ik je later veel meer over.


Geniet van de komende winter en vooral van elkaar, 


Liefs van Pip